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Freestyle is extremely practical, a great all round exercise for a healthy body, great for coordination, uncomplicated and easy to learn and suitable for people of all ages and genders...[more info]

Freestyle Combat, Self Defence for Kids and Martial Arts classes in Melbourne are a fun and exciting way to teach your child the important life skills and the work ethic they need as they mature into young adults and beyond...[more info]

Aikido as not only a means of vanquishing a foe, but as a means of promoting the positive character of the ideal warrior. Aikido is a path of self-development, an intense physical and spiritual training...[more info]

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Benefits Of Joining Our Self Defence Classes at Diamond Valley Academy in Melbourne

  • Increased self defence Ability, explored your kung fu potiential
  • Greater Focus & Concentration together with physical fitness
  • Develop Martial Arts Skills even when you are kids
  • Increased Confidence & Self-Esteem
  • Learn Effective Self Defence
  • Know Krav Maga concepts
  • Basic knowledge about Filipino Martial Arts
  • Learn Effective Karate for Adult and Karate Kids
  • Coordination & Motor Skills Improvement
  • Woman Self Defence for Mum


Diamond Valley Martial Arts Academy (The old Nexus Jiu Jitsu site) 7/60 Main Street Greensborough

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