Skill Development

At Freestyle Combat, we don't spend much time hitting and kicking in mid air. From day one you'll be hitting focus pads and kicking kick shields, because it is important to be able apply everything you learn.

Techniques are learned, refined and evolved into applicable skills. Striking targets used enable you to develop power and precision of individual techniques, which are strung together in combinations, from the get go. As much as we'd all like to think that we could knock out an assailant with one strike, the reality is that many strikes, utilised in succession, are more likely to shut them down.

So many styles, where do we start?

Unlike most Mixed Martial Arts schools, Freestyle Combat blends the best parts of many martial art styles, into one complete fighting system. The concepts are integrated together so seamlessly, you won’t even realise what styles the techniques come from, unless you are told.

In every stage of your journey at Freestyle Combat Diamond Valley you will be introduced to various tactical applications of everything you learn. This way you will not only learn actions that can protect you, but also the proper mindset to be able to call on them when required.

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