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It is that time of year again. Another year has begun and the rush to get everything ready to go back to school is in full swing. Have you sorted out your child's after school activities?

Have You Considered Martial Arts?

At FREESTYLE COMBAT DIAMOND VALLEY we can give your child a fun activity, which will help to...

  • Improve Coordination & Motor Skills
  • Increase Physical Fitness
  • Build Greater Focus & Concentration
  • Develop Leadership Skills
  • Increase Confidence & Self-Esteem
  • Learn Effective Self-Defence

Now Is The Perfect Time To Start…

We are offering a Back 2 School Start Up Special...

Just $139

Includes Joining Fee, Uniform, and First Month Of Training*

*After completing Free Introductory Program

....but THAT's NOT ALL

We are SO confident that you and your child will love training with us that we will not let anyone join without attending our FREE 2 WEEK INTRODUCTORY PROGRAM.

You read right. Come along for two free lessons and if do not like it we will not hold it against you.

The simple fact is, there is a reason why there are so many choices when it comes to Martial Arts. Everyone has their preference.

  • Some want to get fit
  • Some like traditional discipline
  • Some want to learn how to defend themselves
  • Some want to compete in tournaments
  • Some (if not all) want to HAVE FUN!!

We want to make sure that we are what you are looking for before you sign up. The best thing about our school is that EVERYONE WANTS TO BE HERE! This makes for an amazing training environment where everyone works together to help each other reach their goals.

Why not register for your first FREE INTRODUCTORY CLASS now by pressing the button below...

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Come And Join Us!

At Freestyle Combat Diamond Valley we have classes specially for Children, as well as separate classes that cater for Adults and Teenagers. This means that your children will be in a class that only has other kids participating, with the exception of the occasional parent that joins in with their own child (this also means that you can attend a separate class that runs at the kind of pace that will challenge an adult).

Both children and adults learn from the same syllabus. Children learn at a slower rate, with extra incentives along the way, including weekly prizes for best behaved, and for demonstrating retention of what they have learned, along with certificates presented as they progress through the material required to know for each belt rank.

We also encourage positive behaviour outside of class by getting feedback from school teachers and parents, regarding conduct and attitude, which goes toward each students' assessment for rank advancement.

So... What Are YOU Waiting For?

Follow this simple procedure to begin your journey...

  • 1

    Book Your First Introductory Lesson

    Press the BUTTON, below to book your first class. Spaces fill up fast, so don't wait too long!!

  • 2

    Check Your Email For More Information

    While you wait for us to confirm your booking, we'll send you some more information via email (make sure you check your SPAM FOLDER).

  • 3

    Come Along To Your First Class

    Come armed with questions. The Introductory Program is as much about us learning ABOUT YOU as it is about you learning from us. Parents are encouraged to stay and watch (your child will love it!)

  • 4

    Have An Awesome Time!

    Although this is purely optional, it is by far the most common thing to happen next. Your class will cover something from every facet of our syllabus with a strong focus on safety. Your chid will be striking focus pads, kicking shields, blocking, and doing WEAPON TRAINING! (I just loving watching kids' eyes light up when they realise that they are going to swing sticks around).

  • 5

    Do It All Again Next Week

    We want you to be sure. This is why we want you to try us...TWICE! We will revise some things you have already learned, and show you some new stuff. This way you will get a a taste of how things work, while also seeing how easy it is to learn.
    If you are still convinced that you want to join us after you second class, you can take advantage of our special offer, and we will plug you into our regular classes straight away.

  • 6

    Watch Your Child Excel

    As your children continue to train with us, you will be AMAZED at the positive effects on their DISCIPLINE, FOCUS and CONFIDENCE.

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While You Are At It, Why Not Share This Page So Your Friends Can Join You

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Two Locations

Freestyle Combat Diamond Valley - Watsonia Campus
Watsonia Scout Centre
10 Peters Street

Freestyle Combat Diamond Valley - Eltham Campus
Integrity Martial Arts Academy
2/30 Bridge Street

Since our beginning we have been working hard to deliver practical Martial Art education which is effective and easy to learn. Come and see the difference and take the first step to earning your Black Belt.

Aaron Ireland
Aaron Ireland Head Instructor, Freestyle Combat Diamond Valley

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