Freestyle Combat’s uniform says more about the wearer than you may realise. For instance, there are variations to the uniform that are optional upon achieving a certain rank.

White Top (Gi or T-Shirt) with Black Pants

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This is the standard uniform for Freestyle Combat students. Students of any rank can wear this uniform.

Black Top (Gi, T-Shirt or Hoody) with Black Pants

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This uniform can only be worn by Black Belt students. Hoodies can be purchased by any student, but can only be worn during class by Black Belts.

Striped Pants


Second Degree Black Belts are entitled to wear coloured stripes on their pant legs.

Red Top


Third Degree Black Belts can wear a Red Gi Top with their Black Pants.

Instructors Polo


There is a special Black Polo Shirt with a Red side panel and White shoulder borders, which can only be worn by active instructors above the rank of Black Belt.