The year is already half gone, and it is great to see how far you all have come. This year we will be seeing our youngest Black Belt student promoted, along with our largest contingent of students begin preparation to test for their Black Belt next year.

Why is this so important? Are belts really that important?

Well, yes and no. As long as you are progressing in your learning, I am proud of you, and you should​​​​ be too.

However, Freestyle Combat’s syllabus as a coloured belt is to prepare you for what we want to teach you as a Black Belt. In many ways, Black Belt is just the beginning, following a four year apprenticeship. There are many concepts that require knowledge and attributes that are being built in the coloured belt ranks that will be built further. Our syllabus evolves as your ability increases. We begin by learning to protect ourselves, and progressively we increase our ability to control physical confrontations.

Once you earn your black belt, you stick training becomes far more combative in nature, as we introduce medium and short range concepts to your training. You will also learn to use a knife, a staff, a palm stick, and defend yourself from someone with a firearm. You will learn extreme close quarter combat methods, while combining all the concepts that you have learned as a coloured belt.

Black Belt are also eligible to run their own classes, if they have to skills to do so.

There is so much more to learn after Black Belt, which is one of the best things about what Kancho Mick Nicholls has put together in Freestyle Combat.

I look forward to helping you get there, and beyond.


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