March 16, 2019 @ 11:00 am – 5:00 pm Australia/Melbourne Timezone
Diamond Valley Martial Arts Academy
rear 7/60 Main St
Greensborough VIC 3088
Aaron Ireland
Boxer Rebellion 2019 - Kali Abtik Seminar @ Diamond Valley Martial Arts Academy | Greensborough | Victoria | Australia

Kali Abtik is a Modern Filipino method with a strong Traditional Root that includes influences from JKD & Boxing. Kali Abtik is an art that includes both drilling and freestyle sparring with padded weapons and safety gear. Kali Abtik also includes CQD/Mano-Mano techniques designed for defense against weapons and close quarter defense as well as Panuntukan/Sikaran “Dirty Boxing”. Kali Abtik is directly inspired from Guro Ted Lucaylucay’s Kali, with emphasis on “Abtik”. Abtik is defined as the explosive use of stepping, pivoting and sinking or raising to power and time the stroke. Ultimately the strategy is to win and to avoid “double kill” through control of distance, timing and position…

Instructor Sifu/Guro Mark Stewart: www.brijkd.com/bio/ Probably best known for returning JKD back to L.A. Chinatown in 1992, Mark Stewart is one of the rare JKD Instructors who has been exposed to Early JKD, Later JKD and JKD Concepts and offers a view outside of any particular camp. He has trained with Dan Inosanto, Ted Lucaylucay and Ted Wong…

“Mark Stewart’s Panantukan is outstanding. If you are looking for authentic, high level Panantukan, I highly recommend you train with Mark Stewart!”

– Guro Burton Richardson


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