Greensborough, VIC – Growing crime rates have made self defence classes a little more important now than in the past years. Parents need to be able to protect themselves and their children while kids need to be able to stand up to their bullies. To ensure that more people are able to keep themselves safe, Diamond Valley Martial Arts Academy is proud to announce its new and exciting self defence classes in Greensborough.

Announcing the martial arts classes offered at the academy, the representative for the institution noted that participants will be able to choose the class that is perfect for them. It may be based on their age or the martial arts technique they are interested in.

The team at Diamond Valley Martial Arts Academy is experienced and will make sure that each participant gets the best tutelage as they proceed from being a beginner into a pro at self defence techniques using martial arts.

The family martial arts and self defence classes offered at Diamond Valley Martial Arts Academy is aimed, not only at keeping the kids busy but also at improving the alertness of each member of the family. With the martial arts and self defence classes, family members stand a chance to experience a wide range of benefits including improved coordination and motor skills, greater focus and concentration along with improved physical fitness, development of leadership skills, increased confidence and self-esteem, and more.

martial arts classes
Martial Arts Classes

Interested clients can also explore the private martial arts classes offered by the experts. The private lessons offer a one-on-one relationship between the trainer and the student thus increasing the chances of a faster learning curve.

The self defence classes will be available not only to residents of Greensborough but also to those living near Greensborough, including Bundoora, Heidelberg, Eltham, Lower Plenty, Diamond Creek, Kingsbury, Hurstbridge, Kangaroo Ground, Wattle Glen, Macleod, Montmorency, and Rosanna.

The team teaches a number of martial arts techniques including freestyle blends together Boxing, Karate, Filipino Kali and Panantuken; Muay Thai Kickboxing, Israeli Tactical Krav Maga, Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, Worden’s Combatives (as trained in the US Special forces) and Jiu-Jitsu/Grappling along with traditional values and modern principals.

Take advantage of the wholesome experience and benefits offered through participation in martial arts and self defence classes. Get in touch with the team at Diamond Valley Martial Arts Academy via phone at 0413 544 051. For more information, visit the self defence and martial arts studio at 7/60 Main St, Greensborough, VIC 3088 AU or visit their website.
Company Name*: Diamond Valley Martial Arts Academy
Contact Person: Aaron Ireland
Email*: [email protected]
Phone:0413 544 051
Address:7/60 Main St
City: Greensborough
State: VIC
Country*: AU

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